10 Not So Surprising Things My Baby Has Taught Me











As we approach Ethan’s first birthday, I am reflecting on his first year of life and how I have learned a few things.  Not sure if any of this information will help me in the future, but maybe someone will read this and feel better about their own experiences.

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Have you heard of baby led weaning?

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net











Around 6 months old, babies start to become interested in what Mommy and Daddy are eating.  So when they aren’t putting the dog’s toy in their mouth, they try to take the food out of yours. There appear to be two camps of what to do next.  You can mash up food into oblivion and spoon it into their faces.  Or cut up food into baby-hand size pieces and let them squish it into oblivion. Sometimes the food actually makes it into their mouths.  Hubs and I decided to do both.  Baby led weaning refers to the latter of the two processes.  In the United States, weaning is defined as slowly reducing its consumption until they no longer eat it.  Mommies in the United Kingdom refer to weaning as adding complementary foods to baby’s diet.  I call it painting with food.

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Are you going to get rid of the cats?








When I was pregnant, I had some friends and family ask me what we planned to do with our 4 cats. I know there are myths out there about cats stealing the baby’s breath or smothering them to death, but I never imagined I knew anyone who believed them. Having always lived around cats, I never considered if there might be an issue when Ethan arrived.  Would they get jealous and strike him? Or steal his bottle after another cat distracted me? I was more worried our dog would be upset.Read More »

Mother’s Day is Bittersweet

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day as Mommy and I enjoyed it immensely.  Of course, there was this issue about finding a restaurant in town that had not been affected by a gas line break.  Apparently someone thought it was okay to drive into a gas transmission plant that was a pumping station for the pipeline that runs along the Florida Turnpike.  Since brunch was out, we went home and finally got Ethan to take a nap.  We ventured out that afternoon for some shopping and managed to get a table at Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner.  Wasn’t fancy, but it was nice.Read More »